Luiz Chamon

A scientist that pretends (every so often convincingly) to be a songwriter, Luiz Chamon targets an eclectic pop sound, going from modern genres (pop, blues, and country) to folk rhythms from Brazil (forró, bossa nova, and samba) and Greece (zeimpekiko). Luiz started hitting his fingers on the keyboard almost as early as he started taking things apart. This shared interest in music and engineering is what drove him back in Brazil to start working in recording studios and international theater productions. It is also the reason he went on to pursue a career in electrical engineering and signal processing, a work that has led him to spend time in France, Greece, and the USA. These experiences fueled his love for learning new languages and cultures, especially through music.

Luiz debuted on stage circa 2002 playing the accordion and the keyboard—as well as, occasionally, the guitar, bass, flute, and violin—in the forró band Quaraçá. With them, he shared the stage with popular Brazilian artists, such as Zé Ramalho.

Now working solo, his debut EP "Philathina" is a mix of American pop ballads, French musical storytelling tradition, and Greek themes that reminisces about the past with a blend of sadness, nostalgia, and hope.

Currently, Luiz lives in Berkeley, CA, USA, where he is a postdoctoral researcher of the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computation at the University of California, Berkeley. In his free time, he records the music you find here and on the main streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music, YouTube...).

One the best things about writing music is hearing back from listeners. Reach out to share your thoughts or just say "Hi!" by email or on Instagram.



From concept to production to recording to listening, songs are constantly evolving.

Collecting new meanings.

Provoking new feelings.

Never finished.

In that sense, every song is a living music.

So while you can listen to these songs on Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music, or YouTube, this website lets you to explore their life narratives, from idea to what they currently sound. Here, you will find the story behind each song and the history behind each track as they get (re)recorded, (re)edited, and (re)mixed.